How To Grow

Learn How to Grow Wheatgrass
Step 1: Preparing the tools and ingredients

Seeds – buy organic wheat seeds.  A few pounds of seeds will last for months before you’ll need a new supply.

Soil– buy natural & organic soil from a nursery. (There is a way to grow wheatgrass even without soil, but it’s not recommended because then the wheatgrass loses some of its beneficial qualities.)

Jar or a small container to sprout the seeds– you can make it yourself. Just take a jar you have at home, pierce 5 holes in the lid, and you are good to go.

Tray– you can create your own tray, or to buy it from a nursery/online. It should have holes on the bottom for water to drain. If you are going to treat the growing seriously, then this one will be perfect for you. It will serve you well and save you some space.

Cover for the tray- during growth, we will need to cover the tray from sunlight in order to allow the grass to grow early on. If your tray doesn’t come with a cover, a sheet of aluminum foil makes a cheap and easy alternative.

Watering Tool- use a bottle or a cup to water, or buy one that lasts.

You can also buy a ready to grow kit that includes most of the ingredients and save some time.

Step 2: Sprout the seeds

The number of the seeds we’ll sprout depends on the amount of wheatgrass yield we want.

To start, we’ll use a convenient amount that will give us enough yield for 4 servings of juice — ½ cup seeds

Procedure: Pour one cup of seeds into the jar and fill it with water. Then close the jar with the pierced lid

Let it soak for 12 hours. After 12 hours, strain the water from the jar and let it sit for another 12 hours. You’ll see the seeds start to sprout.

Step 3: Seed the sprouted seeds on the soil

First, spread approximately 1/2 inch or 1.2 centimeters of soil in the tray and gently flatten it. Then spread the seeds evenly on the soil so that they will lie near one another.

Lightly water the seeds with your watering tool.

Step 4: Covering

After watering, cover the tray with the tray cover or a sheet of aluminum foil.

On the next day, uncover the seeds only for light watering and then cover them back until the following day. On the third day, uncover again for light watering and check that the grass is growing. It should be be approximately 1 inch tall

If it’s still not tall enough, cover it again for another day, then check if it’s ready.

Step 5:  Uncovering for good

When the grass is approximately 1 inch tall uncover it for good, lightly water it and let it enjoy indirect sunlight.

You will see how the crop changes its color from light yellow to green! It’s magical 🙂

That’s it! The crop should be ready in 5-10 days depending on how warm it is (it grows faster when it’s in a warm place). Then cut it, juice it, and drink it!

To cut the wheatgrass, cut just above the soil.  Cut only the portion you need every time you juice. If you would like to harvest it all at once, put what’s left in the refrigerator.

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Tip for organized growing

Plant the wheatgrass every 3 to 5 days to keep a fresh supply of wheatgrass (depends on the size of the portion you drink every day). That’s why this tray set is perfect:

For the sake of organization and planning, divide the tray in your mind into 4-6 sections and cut one section each day.  This way when you start, one tray will be enough for approximately 4-6 days, one serving per day.

Bottoms up!