How To Juice

How to Juice The Wheatgrass:

When making wheatgrass juice, it’s recommended to use a special juicer which works by a method called “cold press”.  The juicer can be found in manual or electric forms. Cold press retains all the components of the juice and prevents dismantling or destroying the vital enzymes, while preserving the antioxidants.

Manual juicer

Electric juicer (pricier but it’s a time saver)

When juicing, simply take a small portion of the wheatgrass, put it straight in to the juicing chamber, and start spinning the handle (or turn the switch On).  The juice will come out from a small chamber down near the handle.

Click here for a video demonstration

How to Drink The Wheatgrass Juice

The recommended amount for a healthy person is up to half a cup per day.  But when you start, start only from a small portion: 1 table spoon the first day and then gradually add every day another spoon until you reach the recommended level.  You’ll feel the effect of drinking the juice after few days.  The effect varies from person to person.  That’s why if reaching a half cup is too much for you, just reach your comfortable level and stay there. It’s better when wheatgrass juice mixes with saliva before swallowing, so drink slowly. The taste of the juice is slightly sweet.

Prepare the juice immediately prior to drinking it and don’t let it sit for more than half an hour, because then the juice’s qualities are greatly reduced.  Drink the juice an hour before a meal or 2 hours after a meal, preferably before a meal because this way the juice is better absorbed into the body.  The same goes for those who want to drink twice a day – an hour before dinner.

You should not drink the wheatgrass juice at night because it stimulates the body and may cause unnecessary difficulties falling asleep.

Tip:  If the taste of the wheatgrass juice is too strong for you, you can squeeze half of lemon into your glass of wheatgrass juice and fill it with slightly warm water (warm water is better for your metabolism).